The Best Couples in the World (Like Salt and Pepper)

Nel Aerts


Multiple, 57 x 44 x 7 cm.
Materials: inkjet prints on glossy paper, meranti wood

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. M00241).

This edition, signed and numbered in a series of 5, consists of a handmade wooden vitrine and a set of 45 different poster prints that are to be presented in the vitrine.

Each print shows an other set of pepper and salt pots, that are part of a growing collection that Nel Aerts started some years ago. A series of small porcelain and stoneware sculptures of which the actual function is absorbed by the beauty of the objects. The collection of pepper and salt pots consists only of duo’s that are depending on one another. For example bread and butter, a stork and a baby, a monkey carying bananas, a small porcelain grannny and her rocking chair (the granny being the salt salt cellar and the rocking chair -the pepper pot) and many more. Combinations in which one object is indispensable for the other- just like pepper and salt. Hence, the title The Best Couples in the World (Like Salt and Pepper).

Every two weeks, the poster changes, as would the menu in a restaurant, following the rhythm of seasonal products.


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