Mon Chalet [My Chalet]

Guillaume Bijl


Installation, 310 x 310 x 230 cm.
Materials: mixed media

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK6054_M114).

Mon Chalet is the first work that Guillaume Bijl realized in the series 'Situation-Installations' intended for the open air. It is a pre-fab chalet with typical furnishings. Guillaume Bijl calls his 'Situation-Installations' ‘a non-reality within a reality’. These are small, image-disturbing interventions in the everyday environment – or, in the present case, in the museum space. With the installation Mon Chalet, Bijl creates a new reality which vis-à-vis true reality comes over as absurdist and surreal. He makes it clear that art resides in a domain that falls between reality and fiction and, by definition, contains an estranging dimension.

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