KYRPWWAWAX, International Happening News, Happening in een heerlijke stad IV [KYRPWWAWAX, International Happening News]

PanamarenkoWout VercammenYoshio NakajimaDr. Hugo Heyrman


Poster, 28 x 44 cm.
Materials: black ink, pink paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Panamarenkohuis Biekorfstraat.

The happenings with which Panamarenko was involved were announced by a series of posters, which were distributed, hung in cafés and posted at various locations around the city, including the walls of the Academy of Fine Arts. The posters were designed by Wout Vercammen, Hugo Heyrman and Panamarenko. The first one, produced by Wout Vercammen, refers both formally and in terms of its content to Paul van Ostaijen’s famous collection of poems Occupied City (1921), which fell somewhere between Expressionism and Dadaism. This Dadaist line was extended into the following posters by, for instance, turning a poem from Occupied City into a collage. Heyrman continued to apply and develop the collage medium in the posters that followed, giving the happenings a title and a form, and preserving their otherwise ephemeral visibility.

Poster for the happening (with Yoshio Nakajima, Wout Vercammen, Panamarenko, Hugo Heyrman) on August 6, 1965 in Ostend.

Also included in the magazine, Milkyways and happenings nr.4, p.2, 1965.

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