Day by day by day

Mark LuytenNico Dockx


Materials: dvd

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK7485).

In 2001 two Belgian artists decided to combine forces on a joint project: the young Nico Dockx and the more experienced Mark Luyten. Day by day by day is the result of two years of taking pictures and sharing cameras. They took turns using a disposable camera. After one or two shots, the camera was passed back-and-forth until 27 photos were taken and the roll was full. Various persons and places figure as witnesses of a different life. The camera passes hands at appropriate places: a train station, the hall of a hotel or a café in the middle of town. Not just spaces serve as stops along the way; mutual friends are also enlisted as intermediaries in the process. This entirety constitutes a film, a sequence of (always) 27 still images, with an accompanying soundtrack by Kris Delacourt. The presentation is itself a stop along the way for us as viewers, and for Nico Dockx and Mark Luyten as well.

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