Hear TH FI TO IN PH Around This Chair

James Lee Byars


Installation, 357 x 355 x 366 cm.
Materials: chair, carpets, black silk tent

Collection: Collection Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (Inv. no. 1121).

"Gold is so mysterious. Someone once said to me that gold is the color from nowhere. The reactions of the people are either like that, very mysterious, or they think it is very decadent or very meaningless. (ugh) But for me, not, because gold takes me more into the infinitely mystical. I rarely think of gold as being decorative. I see it more as spiritual."

From an interview with James Lee Byars by Wolf Günter Thiel (1995), in: ‘James Lee Byars - The White Mass’, Keulen 2004

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