Jan Cox


Print, 560 x 440 mm.
Materials: lithograph on paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. S0491_07).

At the end of the 1940's Jan Cox produced some splendid works, like the portraits that follow here.  "The feeling of being again-and-again enthralled by the mystery of the uniqueness of a certain individual sets the creative process in motion," writes the artist in an article about the art of portraiture.  Cox's portraiture had also always been an endeavor of restoring human worth, and the beauty contained therein lies in the uniqueness of every individual. 

"A person's portrait is the image of that someone as it has taken form in the mind of another.  Someone can only be recognized if he is seen by someone else, and that means appreciated.  The portrait bears witness to a person's existence.  A human being only achieves significance in terms of connection with other human beings, and so accrues an extra dimension of reality and authenticity when he is captured as an image.  I think that it provides a natural and just fulfillment for our human self-consciousness, when the portrait remains as constant proof that we have been seen.(Jan Cox, 1964)

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