étaler l’atelier emboîter

Valérie de Ghellinck



étaler l’atelier emboîter has to do with the rhythm of shifting objects in a space. It reflects upon the reciprocal process of the packing and unpacking of crates which transport, protect and literally enframe the works. These crates serve as the collection point of the objects. They are seen as a space of rest. A transit zone from out of which may spring new projects, where objects may find their own way.

In étaler l’atelier emboîter, Ghellinck takes the treatment of space as her starting point to then create a two-dimensional drawing. She displays her objects in a black plane, and they shift during composition. With each such shift, the artist delineates the moved artifact. In this way the contours comprise a memory-field of the object's previous position.

Here, this 'groping' in space stands in dialogue with the structure Iconostase and Gribouillis from Yona Friedman. The whimsical structure arose from the random folds of iron, and unlocks a host of possible interpretations. It is the simple act of transformation, and the reference of the spatial realm to the two-dimensional, that served as source of inspiration for the method employed here.

'What does one see if that which has been is shown, and that which still has to come has already happened?'

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