Het Czaar Peter Dossier

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Glas in abri

Material: sandblasted glass in tram shelter; Year: 2007; Client: district AmsterdamCentrum in collaboration with the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst; Location: Sarphatistraat Amsterdam, Muiderpoort tram stop; Photo: Anneloes van der Leun; Extra: ‘Along the new route of tram line 10, district Amsterdam Centre and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts have posted four artworks. The works are located at the new stops in the city centre and refer to the historical background of the area. (...) 'Mr. Q.S. Serafijn has written a short story entitled The Tsar Peter File in the context of the art project. The book can be picked up free of charge during the opening of the artworks.’ (Text of the invitation card). Participants: L. Hellings, De Geuzen, Loek Grootjans en Rob Moonen, Q.S. Serafijn. Extra: the glass in the tram shelter was destroyed after one year. The extra sandblasted glass plates which were stored by the municipality of Amsterdam (in view of possible vandalism) were lost within a year. Extra: assistance and drawing: Alexandra Roozen.