Seriële structuur N°10 [Serial structure No. 10]

Wybrand Ganzevoort


Sculpture, 84 x 143 cm.
Materials: wood, metal, paint

Collection: Private Collection, Antwerp.

Wybrand Ganzevoort (b.1930) is one of the co-founders of G58 Hessenhuis. After a period of abstract, informal paintings, in 1962 he changes tack to produce three-dimensional constructions, first as montages of small metal staves on a background of monochrome white. Undulating structures that evoke space and movement. An apt text from the artist in the catalogue to the Europäische Avantgarde exhibition in Frankfurt in 1963: ‘a space of white rhythms catches the light, translates it. cells of consciousness self-replicate, bursting the surface open. light vibrates like music made visible.’

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