Triptych Litanie VVG

Jef Lambrecht


Object, ca. 30 x 60 cm.
Materials: Carton, paper, ink, glue

Collection: M HKA, Antwerpen - Schenking Samarkand, 2019.

Carton, aprox. 30 x 60 cm, folded in three with flaps top and bottom – worked with stamps and collage of self-portraits and a list of works prohibited to photograph.

used during the 'Litany' nocturne of 8th of April 1990 in front of the academy Antwerp as part of the 'canonization of vinCENT van Gogh.


Laat mij beginnen met te zeggen” 444 R 8 (in gold) van brief 

(collage met artikels El Pais / stempel 1 nizam 1990 / Royal Acaemy Antwerp 104 (y)ears

B.I.W.A. Dpt. EARth / 8 y (ears)



Sint Vincentius mijn oor 8/IV/1990 “ – stamp Ethiopian Lion / B.I.W.A in gold (patent ref)

collage with portrait-fragments,

HOLY SEE Halensee sig. Josephus I (ornate letterstamp)

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