MesuRAGE de la rue Chateaubriand, Nice





City: Nice Place: Rue Chateaubriand Date: 16/4/1976 Start: 10h19 Finish: 13h Witness: Ben Vautier Number of ORLAN-bodies measured: 208

This MeasuRAGE was done on a street in Nice, a city where ORLAN had spent some vacation time and where, a few years later, she participated in a Fluxus festival at the municipal theater. It was filmed by Ben, who hosted ORLAN’s Art et Prostitution action in his Galerie La Différence. The MeasuRAGE ORLAN performed on this residential street was more elaborate than the earlier one in Roma (The elements that constitute and determine the procedure of the future MeasuRages have been established during this action).

The performance was filmed by Ben Vautier.

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