Untitled (Personified Plugging Gridlock with aggregates)

Enrico David


Installation, 200 x 3600 cm.
Materials: tapestry, sisal

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK7730_M479).

Untitled (Personified Plugging Gridlock with aggregates), collaboratively produced by the artist Enrico David and the designer Lieve Decorte of Tasibel (a textile company based in Hamme specialised in weaving high end linen and sisal carpets) links contemporary art practice to local design and technical know-how. The artist produced a motif based on a design by Ugo Zovetti of the Weiner Werkstatte - a plug- like shape that David adapted, giving it human features. The designer then put this motif into a repeat pattern to produce an eighteen meter length of cloth designed specifically to fit the round gallery at M HKA. Here it is shown alongside a collage made of drawings, paper cut outs and found images as well as documentation of the collaborative process –which contrast with the regimentation and high quality rendering of the cloth.

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