Perry Roberts


Painting, 200 x 150 cm.
Materials: Oil on paper

Collection: Stad Antwerpen, in langdurige bruikleen in M HKA (Inv. no. SCA0017).

Perry Robert's Earth Works refer to a group of seventeen elements, which despite their name, are relatively plentiful but difficult to extract. They are produced in China, Brazil, South Africa, the USA and many other countries.

They have diverse applications and are essential to modern life. Used in many industrial processes and electrical components, they are required in the manufacture of televisions, camera's, batteries and even cigarette lighters.

The work Kingscliff is one of a group of works titled Rare Earths, which take their names not only from the elements themselves, but also the names of the places they are found. The work is the result of a specific, but unpredictable process and is abstract in nature, but the complexity of the image invites pictoral associations.

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