Skull 1

Els Dietvorst


Materials: loam, wood, sackcloth

Collection: Courtesy of the Artist .

Sculpture is beside drawing, writing and video an important medium in my artpractice. I started the Skull-series out of disbelieve and anger on the black pages of human history. The Skull-sculptures became a metaphor for useless violence and a symbol for human respect, gathering and transcendance. 

The first sculpture (SKULL1-1999) was a huge skull, made of wood and loam, build in my studio in Brasschaat (Antwerp) which was on that time in the middle of a military base. 

The form of every skull is based on the skull of a Neanderthaler. The Neanderthaler is often pictured in history as a brute but was peacefull and shared peacefull rituals. They vanished when modern humans arrived in Europe. The teeth in all of the Skull-series are human beings refering to 'us' the people. Mostly I use natural materials as wood, loam and clay to give the sculptures a fragile skin.The Skull-sculptures also serve as a refuge, you can hide, shelter, meet in it. I see the Skull series as a strong symbol that links us and that belongs to us all, humans. I see it also as a fragile and at the same time strong metaphor against violence.

Els Dietvorst

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