Vaast Colson



Vaast Colson studied applied painting at the Academy of Antwerp, but since his education has hardly made a painting, or at least not in the classic sense of the word. For him, every means and media are suitable to create art, as long as the artist does not get lost in the material. Colson prefers working in-situ, where he allows time and space to surprise and challenge him. In his work he reflects on artistic practices: modelling an identity and roll play intrigue him. With this existential subject, he collaborated with artists at the “Kunsthuis Yellow Art (OPZ Geel)” a couple of years ago. For Middle Gate Geel ’13 he created a new piece. The environment of “Kunsthuis Yellow Art” was again chosen by the artist for the creation of this piece. According to him, he is inspired by the creative drive that can be found in the space of “Kunsthuis”: there is always a specific ambiance and depth. With his new piece, Vaat Colson, is not looking to tell a story in the narrative sense of the work but he wants to put emphasis on the location. He wants to use to space and fill it with various meanings, so as to move the viewers’ senses.

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