I have reduced you to juice and bones

Jon Pylypchuk


Installation, 38 x 38 x 36 cm.
Materials: Mixed media

Collection: Courtesy Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf.

The characters portrayed in the art of Canadian artist Jon Pylypchuk, are filled with unconditional empathy. At the same time, the hairy and cuddly beings confront the viewers with all the unsavoury traits of human character and the dark side of the social psychology. The main theme of Pylypchuk’s works is not surprisingly the naked state of the human condition. Besides gloom, his work also portrays an undeniable optimism: de dolls embody an underdog’s against-all-odds drive for meaningful existence in a barbaric world.

Made from the soberest materials (wood, left-over fabric, felt, glue), a poetic installation of sculptures is born. The wonky simplicity combined with a near childlike naivety touches the depths of our soul as viewers.

Jon Pylypchuk came to Belgium for Middle Gate Geel ’13 and worked together with the team at “het Kunsthuis Yellow Art”.

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