Evaporation of the Constitution

Where Dogs Run


Materials: mixed media (irons, water, electronic components, plastic, metal, glass, acrylic glass, silicone sealants, wood, microcontrollers, temperature sensors, computer, power supplies, control drivers, software, projection)

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp / Donated by VAC, 2018 (Inv. no. S0567).

For the work Evaporation of the Constitution Where Dogs Run translates the text of the Constitution of the Russian Federation into Morse code. This is transmitted with the help of drops of water, pauses between them, and hot irons. A drop falls only if the iron is sufficiently hot. The goal of the process is to transmit information in the form of steam. The text of the Constitution is displayed on a screen and disappears gradually, this allows the viewers to follow along to the information that is being evaporated at the moment. In this version not only the Russian Constitution is being evaporated, the American Constitution and the Treaty of Lisbon also go up in vapours.

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