Philippe Van Snick


Painting, 50 x (42 x 29.7 cm).
Materials: gouache on paper

Collection: Courtesy Philippe Van Snick & Galerie Tatjana Pieters.

'In this series Philippe Van Snick departs from two intersecting curved lines. The space between the half arcs he fills with (0-9) color. Next, he extrapolates the form to a random decagon, which he dyes in the same colors. There are 5 gouaches for every colors, each one depicting different arcs and decagons.'

(Source:Liesbeth Decan & Hilde Van Gelder, Philippe Van Snick - Dynamic Project, ASA Publishers, 2010)

Why decagon?

a decagon is ten points connected

numbered (0>9) aritmetically I have the possibility of 

working into infinity

the point generates waves

ex. falling stone in water

colors are diff. wavelengths

In the third dimension (object)

in orbit, the object (0-9) takes on different forms even the

most unexpected


Philippe Van Snick, 1979


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