Suchan Kinoshita


Materials: Glas, Shampoo

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp.

Time is a random concept, normalised by the objectivity of vibrating quartz and ticking seconds. Suchan Kinoshita (1960, Japan, lives in Brussels) rediscovers time and finds measuring mechanisms that deregulate size. The ‘clocks’ displayed by Kinoshita are part of temporary installations made of wood or Styrofoam. Within this new architecture, the audience develops a new relationship with the museum space.

Upon entering a ‘box’ you will go through an immersive experience, the visitor becomes both a viewer and a participant. One of these boxes is filled with hourglass-like bottles, each bottle has its own dimensions and the contents vary. The clocks - containing both liquids and solid substances - may be reversed by the visitors. The clocks only measure their own moment as each clock has a different shape and size and each substance has its own viscosity. The Klok (Clock) follows the calm inertia of baby shampoo.

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