Un masque

Laure Prouvost



Collection: M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. M00269).

"It’s something I did some years ago when I was very lonely in my studio. I called the masks “priests” and was playing with hiding behind a preaching mode. I would never show my face in my films. You could hear my voice but never see my face. I think it leaves more space in the imagination of the viewer if you have to imagine someone’s face—the voice just gives you hints of a person. We are controlled by our education and many other elements, but we don’t know the faces of who controls us. In “Monologue” (2009) I cut my head off in the camera frame. It was this idea of imagining—putting a face on—what you can’t see."

(from; IDEALLY THIS INTERVIEW WOULD ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS - LAURE PROUVOST with Jarrett Earnest, in: The Brooklyn Rail, March 2014)

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