Michèle Matyn


Photography, 160 x 190 cm.
Materials: Digital print on baryt

Collection: Courtesy of the artist .

 “I feel an attraction to Polaroids, because during their processing they are extremely susceptible to temperature changes: when cold they tend to become bluish, sometimes the print becomes a little vague and I keep it close to my body. On the outside or really on the skin, and that is how you can alter the saturation. I thought it was interesting that by doing so, you could add a layer of meaning.”

“”I do sometimes believe that my sense of empathy scores way off the charts. In the Belgian region of the High Fens I once encountered a large log of wood (Schmerzhaufchen) from a broadleaf tree that got suppressed in a pine forest. Pines are very agressive; I think they push toward in groups and got the better of the broadleaf. In such moments I can be taken by a more than average feeling of sadness and compassion.”

- Michèle Matyn, 2014 

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