Aspects of racism II

Vlassis Caniaris


Sculpture, 15 x 125 x 30 cm.
Materials: plaster

Collection: National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens - Donated by Ioanna - Irini Kaniaris, 2014 (Inv. no. 994/14).

In 1970 Caniaris is in Paris. In light of his historic exhibition at the New Gallery of Athens, where he exhibited works with symbolic, political content that denounced the Junta’s regime of non-freedom and violence, he continues to work in the same vein, using plaster as his main material. Gradually, the meaning of his work, now far from Greece and the conditions that created it, starts to transform and develop, remaining however within the framework of Caniaris’ "socially engaged" art. The artist here, always sensitive towards current sociopolitical issues, gets involved with aspects of racism, in order to pass onto the emblematic body of work, entitled Immigrants, a little later on.


Eleni Ganiti, EMST

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