Les mille et une phrases

Eric Simon


Book, 140 p., language : French, publisher : Contre-mur éditions, Marseille, ISBN : 978-2-9547306-5-3.
Materials: e-book

Literary synopsis

A man. A woman. A story of love - of literature. Sentences recycle in their mouths, in the voice of the Narrator, forming a new unit. Each reader will be able to go with the flow of the narrative, or else interrupt it to check the source of each of these 1001 phrases.

Relation of the novel to the artist’s practice

Éric Simon composed his new artist's novel with 1,001 sentences, each borrowed from an author, not only from all fields of literature but also philosophy, science, psychoanalysis, etc., as evidenced by the detailed references of the phrases listed.

Novel's website

Authorship: Appropriation/Collage.

Creative Strategy: Novel Art Object.

Genre: Romance.

Publishing: Digital Format.

Theme: Language, Love.

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