Roland Topor


Book, 20.5 x 13.1 cm, 178 p., language : French, publisher : Éditions Julliard, Paris, ISBN : 2-260-01228-0.
Materials: Ink, paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. B 2027/150).

Literary synopsis

Tired of fighting his demons, an author chooses to put them aside. No more reading or going to the theatre or the cinema, he gives up all expressions of culture. He turns on in itself, to bury in his pillows, sleep to no end. He quits everything and does nothing. The protagonist of the novel throws his books in the trash, finally taking revenge on these paper monsters that attack it savagely and suffocate him. But his friends of loneliness won’t be defeated so easily.

Authorship: Artist Author.

Creative Strategy: No Link to Artworks.

Genre: Plain Fiction.

Publishing: Publishing House.

Theme: Nihilism, Party, Revenge.

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