Tremor, Rumour, Hoover

2018 middlegate ii geel photo m hkacc 10 1

Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin


Installation, 270 x 445 cm .
Materials: sequins mounted on plastic plates

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp / Collection Flemish Community (Inv. no. BK7923).

Tremor Rumour Hoover is one of a number of works produced using a commercial sign-making technique that forms rows of large sequins which shimmer in the wind. The sequins can be arranged to construct text or images, a means that Alptekin adopted for meticulously designing these works. Alptekin was inspired by the French tradition of Lettrisme of the fourties and fifties, which offered a kind of hybrid of poetry and visual art. Like his other works in this style, Tremor Rumour Hoover is based on highly subjective wordplay and puns. Alptekin would often write poems offering philosophical understandings of his life and the world, subsequently picking out sets of words that contain different layers of meaning that were simultaneously simple and complex. “Tremor makes rumour / Rumour makes Humour” was a phrase found in his notes, in reference to fear of another earthquake in Istanbul following the large earthquake of 17 August, 1999. Whereas “Tremor Sea / Black Tremor / Hoover the Water” seems to refer to other feelings of discontent. Placing these words into a ‘cheap and cheerful’ billboard-shaped signage system for display either inside or outside, was his way of allowing the works to have a double existence in the gallery and in public space. 

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