Inconsolable: The Giver of Hope at Revolution Square

Olga Chernysheva


Video, 00:07:17.

Collection: Courtesy of DIEHL Gallery, Berlin.

In the round a space two new works are premiered as a joint installation: the sound piece Twelve Positions in a Dream (2014, a collaboration with the composer Jonny Dav) and the video Inconsolable: The Giver of Hope (2014). Both are based on sensorial impressions from the Circle Line on the Moscow Metro: sound, touch, vision. The film shows passers-by stealthily caressing the nose of a bronze dog – for luck and consolation. It has become part of urban mythology that one of the dogs in the sculptural ensemble at the Ploshchad’ revolyutsii (Revolution Square) station has powers that transcend its bronze-ness and even its dog-ness. The sound is a montage of sounds recorded in the subway.   

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