Untitled (Person Protected by ...)

Olga Chernysheva


Drawing, 42 x 59,5 cm, 42 x 30 cm .
Materials: 12 drawings, charcoal on paper, collage, framed

Collection: Private Collection of Irina and Maris Vitols.

This series of charcoal drawings with attached snippets of text, titled Untitled (Person Protected by a Bench) (2012), depicts people living a precarious life and sleeping rough. Every ‘person’ is an illegal immigrant worker that is trying to survive in the cold, harsh Moscow. Since these people do not exist on paper, there is no legal authority or system that takes care of them. They seek refuge in small things: a pipe, a book, a wall, … and try to protect themselves as well as they can against an outside world. This series is the only work of Chernysheva that’s titled ‘Untitled’. These persons have no title, no name, no identity, are only to be seen by those who look carefully.   

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