Olga Chernysheva


Drawing, 10 x (37 x 59 cm).
Materials: 10 drawings, charcoal on paper

Collection: Private Collection of Irina and Maris Vitols.

Chernysheva is always especially attentive to people who for various reasons are made to ‘look invisible’. The series of charcoal drawings called Briefly (2013) depicts these ‘invisibles’, often from a smaller town or village, that are hardly perceived by the passengers looking out of the windows of the high-speed train between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Chernysheva registers these characters through her smartphone, which she then uses as an inspiration for the series of drawings. The blur on the image created by the speed of the train creates a kind of volatility. Those who are not observant, will miss the passers-by. Despite the blurring, Chernysheva still tries to identify the people who live in the places where no one stops.     

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