INTROSPASTIC: From the Blackened Beyond

Jake Chapman


Book, 19.8 x 12.8 cm, 235 p, language : English, publisher : White Cube/Murray & Sorrell FUEL, London, ISBN : 9780956896216.
Materials: Ink, paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. B 2026/274).

Literary synopsis

In his third novel, Jake Chapman returns to the parochial world of Chlamydia Love, the contagiously popular heroine from his first novel The Marriage of Reason & Squalor. Charged by The Someday Times to establish the truth about the rumoured rift between the Chapman brothers, she ventures deep into the hollow heart of the Cotswolds to interrogate the taller one, inadvertently revealing less than she intended. Jake Chapmans latest novel has it all: love, loss, introspective nihilism plus breakdancing squirrels. Any reader seeking true insight into the fraternal bond at the heart of the Chapmans misunderstood work will find this book a massively insincere obstacle.

Relation of the novel to the artist’s practice

Illustrated with works from his solo exhibition (Jake or Dinos Chapman, White Cube Mason’s Yard & Hoxton Square, London), the book explores the value and meaning of art, laying bare the inner turmoil that ensues when an artist is required to work all by himself.

Novel's website

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Authorship: Artist Author.

Creative Strategy: Artworks Cite Novel.

Genre: Satire.

Publishing: Publishing House.

Theme: Art, Love.

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