Work / research session K. Schoetens Jonge Jaren

Média : Onderzoek (still) wersessie Jonge Jaren K. Schoetens 2 Retourner au récapitulatif des médias


Perfo II Rotterdam / with Karel Schoetens (video)

The unpacking of time-capsule packages during the 'Young Years research session' with BIWA co-director Karel Schoetens painted a general picture of the situation and activities during the Perfo II festival, but little information about the works in the packages themselves. Apparently the two directors made these packages at the end of proceedings, each dealing with their own work, so that Karel no longer knew (if he ever had) what was in the packages that Jef made. Perhaps comparison with photographs taken during the festival will shed more light on these remaining works...


(here some stills from the video)