LATT: new art in Antwerp 1958-1962 #5 but vision itself


M HKA, Antwerpen

07 December 2012 - 10 February 2013

Curated by Jan Ceuleers, in collaboration with Ronny Van de Velde and the M HKA


New Art in Antwerp was dedicated to the artist movement G58. Antwerp 1958: alongside a world-class port that grew more every day, was a sleepy, old city where art and culture were not high on the agenda. The meeting between Lode Craeybeckx, Mayor who thinks outside the box, and a group of budding artists who were keen to show their work, led to the creation of G58 Hessen House.

The five episodes of New Art in Antwerp 1958-1962 evoked distinctive moments and characters. They formed a series of nuanced stories with questionable accents. Each episode was linked to a young Belgian artist whose work relates in content and form to what was then new art.

The fifth chapter zoomed in on anti-peinture, G58’s last exhibition and great retrospective of the 'new trends'.

With work by Armando, Stanley Brouwn, Enrico Castellani, Maurice De Clercq, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Herman de Vries, Wybrand Ganzevoort, Vic Ghentils, Hermann Goepfert, Gerhard von Graevenitz, Jan Henderikse, Jochen Hiltmann, Walter Leblanc, Julio Le Parc, Piero Manzoni, Morellet, Henk Peeters, Martial Raysse, Jan Schoonhoven and Paul Van Hoeydonck. With an insert by Boy & Erik Stappaerts.

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