Jef Verheyen - Peintures monochromes


Galerie Bernard, Grenchen

29 April 1960 - 05 June 1960

Galerie Bernard, Grenchen, Switzerland

First solo exhibition at Galerie Bernard. 13 paintings were shown.

Jef Verheyen meets Hans Liechti in 1960 through Roberto Crippa in Switzerland. Soon after, his first solo exhibition was settled. For this exhibition, Verheyen was advised by Jozef Peeters: he came by in Antwerp to see his paintings being prepared for Liechti, and convinced him to proceed. At the end of 1960, Verheyen tried to settle an exhibition for Jozef Peeters at Galerie Bernard.

Verheyen traveled with his canvasses, rolled, to Grenchen. He traveled past Basel and was accepted by customs quickly. Liechti came to pick him up. Once in Grenchen, Verheyen mounted and stretched all of his canvases on the frames. The gallery was located inside Liechti's hotel.

Van Anderlecht visited the exhibition, and traveled from Milan (after Pagani bought his works, through Verheyen) to Grenchen. 





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