Combiné 6 Ty van Oktober


06 October 1985 - 24 October 1985

Combiné 6 - Tij van Oktober...

Exhibition "Novum Belgium" (formerly Belgian Intitute for World Affairs) with Johan van Geluwe ( Museum of Museums) and Guy Bleus (The Administration Centre 42. 292)

Tij van Oktober translates loosely as 'Tide of October'... And referring to the tide of time, how the eight moth became the tenth due to the inflated egos of potentates Julius and Augustus... As well as the misinformation that Stuyvesant was the founder of New York whereas historically Peter Minuit bought and stetted on Manhattan some thirty years earlier...

The process of correcting historical wrongs is a lengthy one... In this exhibition much found material was used, dé-collage of advertisement billboards, discarded packets of Stuyvesant cigarettes from Antwerp as well as the wrapped Pont Neuf in Paris... An exploded briefcase detonated by police as a suspect package when Jef L. Was reporting on the Pope’s visit, and various other "trouvailles"


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