Museum in Motion - Hana Miletic


M HKA, Antwerp

16 September 2023 - 08 January 2023

Hana Miletić

In her work, Hana Miletić creates an ongoing loop between photography and weaving, connecting the two media from both a technical and a conceptual perspective. In doing so, she affirms an equal interest in representation, reproduction and production. Her practice incorporates a documentary approach that might be described as empathetic to reality. Yet the process of constituting her works has active and transformative impetus. Through photography, weaving and sculpture, she gives body to a network of ideas, gestures and materials in which individual and collective histories are brought to the fore. Miletić records elements of the affected environments in which we live, caring for their ecology, narratives and resilience. For instance, in her series Materials (2015 – ongoing), the artist models her woven textiles on photographs she has taken while wandering through specific cityscapes, documenting building parts and urban spaces that have been temporarily hidden, protected or repaired by tape, fabrics, banners or tarpaulins. Care and repair are at the heart of Miletić’s artistic engagement, rooting her work in a feminist tradition and current movements deconstructing societal inequalities. Her works mostly originate in the artist’s studio, although some have also been produced in collaboration with communities of other women, positing the process of making her work as a social but always intimate and political enterprise.

Hana Miletić first exhibited at M HKA in 2017, displaying artworks alongside hosting an evening of collaborative performances. Her work entered the M HKA collection in 2021 with the acquisition of Konzum supermarket, Zagreb, a large-scale, handwoven work named after Croatia’s largest supermarket chain.

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