Structured Sensibility



This notion came to our mind when pairing Guy Rombouts with Nikos Alexiou and Yael Karanek.

The encounter with the world through their sensibility may for artists be a paradise of possibilities, a continuous firework and equivalent to a hallucinogenic phantasmagoria. Any such fleeting moment may offer enough contentment in one’s life. How then, to enshrine artists and bring them into the space of societal conversation where art belongs? Sometimes art seems to celebrate this abundantly vital possibility of human sensibility, merely searching a way to not only let it materialise into experience – implying continuous fragmentation and loss - but to let it become the tissue for our human world.

Rombouts questions the systemic by realising a line in a multitude of components that are both straight and attractively specific. It is an X or a Y axis, the title says.  The strength of Alexiou’s work emanates from the concentration of endless minute manual gestures that verge on the ecstatic, whereas Kanarek’s ribbon, born in a digital narrative, merges the structure of digital code with the sensibility of a love letter.

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