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Research project 'Young Years 1948 -1967' – first partial publication


In September 2021 it will be five years since journalist, writer & artist Jef Lambrecht left us, and members of 'Samarkand vzw' thought it a fitting moment to revisit his life & work by presenting some archival material in his home town Avelgem, with specific attention to his 'early years'. Sadly there is very little material left from the early years, but by reconstruction and (local) memories quite a few references can be made to important elements in his later artistic oeuvre... Together with family-archive and friends, and some later works an attempt to sketch an impression of the backdrop of those early years and the lasting influence on his variant artistic career, as well as his extensive travels and journalism. His love for history and cultural diversity stems from an early wish to surpass the boundaries of the local landscape, but is also deeply rooted in it.


Aside from the presentation of a workbook, various small exhibitions in three locations – the former cinema 'Rubens' now 'Interiors Tanghe' across from the old school, the cultural community center 'Spikkerelle' in Avelgem are the mainstay for a ambulatory investigation around the town... Collected material is to be added to the general archives for future reference.


This is to be a frist edition of a series of investigations into the backgrounds of the artist – in more or less chronological sections to provide a base for a more general 'catalogue raisonnee' in future. The next section being considered is 'student years, marriage & young family' from 1968 to 1978.



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