La Lanterne de Lantin


Launched on the 8th of March 1989, this monthly flyer was conceived to be a shared information channel, with various editors and themes... it can be seen as a spin-off of the earier 'Het Orgaan' and gave rise to a number of similar pamfets... 

though format was essentially that of "Het Orgaan" - an A3 folded a certain way as to be able to be sent without an enveloppe - it took on various guises and could appear as a major work such as the "Lanterne de Luxe" made for the Documenta IX: a large silk spead worked with black, red and yellow textile inks...

Later it became a major source of information from the Middle East as Jef spent more and more time away, so there are quite a number of LdL's with exotic stamps and such and can be seen as a suite of mail-art.

(Jef Lambrecht mentiones the first editors as being Chris Straetling, Guy Rombouts & Monica Droste (AWAWA) Johan Van Geluwe, Robert Montoya, Rolf A. Kleunter, Wout Vercammen e.a.)

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