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This page offers a selective glimpse into the Jef Verheyen (1932-1984) archive, painting a picture of the artist’s practice and the nature of the archive. It is a snapshot, so to speak, of the international art scene of the latter half of the 20th century, a view illuminating the evolution of an artist exploring the frontier divide between modern painting and conceptual art. 

Digitisation, entry, and description of the complete archive material began in 2019. For example, the database has been enhanced with over 1,300 archival items bequeathed by the artist. In addition to Verheyen’s works on paper (ca. 200), the archive mainly contains notebooks and sketchbooks (ca. 40), essay manuscripts (ca. 200), correspondence (ca. 400), photographs (ca. 1,700), posters (ca. 85), invitations (ca. 200), writings about the artist (ca. 50), press articles (ca. 300), publications (ca. 200), and official documents (ca. 40). 

The newly accessible selection is intended to make the archive’s most representative pieces available for research and education. This page is continually updated with new material.  

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