Foundation Gordon Matta-Clark


To keep *Office Baroque* the 'Foundation Gordon Matta-Clark' was founded in 1979. When Matta-Clark died young in 1978, *Office Baroque* appeared to be his only structural intervention that was still standing. The Antwerp art scene, headed by the ICC, launched a campaign to preserve this masterpiece and to integrate it into a yet to be established contemporary art museum in Antwerp. Sadly, despite every effort, *Office Baroque* could not be saved.

Antwerp had to wait many years for its museum of contemporary art. However, the collection of the Foundation Gordon Matta-Clark was one of the arguments for the ultimate establishment of 'MuHKA' in 1985. This collection of artists donations (as *Project work coloration: Trafalgar Square Fountains* by Nicolas Uriburu shown above) was a closed entity of works and documents from the late 70s, being the historical basis of the M HKA collection.

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