In 2023, work by nine artists was purchased. At the beginning of the year, work continued on a screening of the Antwerp galleries. More specifically, Geukens & De Vil Gallery was visited by one of the curators from the acquisitions working group, which resulted in the purchase of reference artist Marthe Wéry, central to the programming of this gallery, and of the young artist Moataz Alqaissy. Subsequently, a work by a top artist was acquired, which indicates the international dimension of Antwerp, more specifically by Panamarenko. A work was purchased by the recently deceased Antwerp artist Vered Ben-Kiki, which can be regarded as a gap in the museum collection. It also concerns an artist whose oeuvre is a key point for (an actor within) the art scene in Antwerp. For the remaining budget of 2023, a survey was launched at the Antwerp galleries after the summer, with a view to acquiring young artists. This resulted in five signings, including Fia Cielen, Sam Druant, Viktor Mattsson, Leendert van Accoleyen and Subin Son.

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