Wojciech Bruszewski

1947 - 2009

Died in Łódź (PL), born in Wrocław (PL).

Wojciech Bruszewski graduated from PWSFTviT higher film school. His practice is situated among avant-garde art. In 1970s he participated in the international movement of structural film, which most important manifestation was the series of exhibitions “Film as a Film”. The first edition took place in Germany – in Cologne, Stuttgart, Essen and Berlin and, in 1978, in London. Wojciech Bruszewski was one of the pioneers of video art in Poland. As a film and videomaker, he took part in many prestigious exhibitions like Documenta 6 and Documenta 8 in Kassel, or Presences Polonaises in Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. In 1980 he was awarded DAAD grant in Berlin, where he stayed for one year. During this stay he also started experimenting with computers in his art practice. In 1988 he founded an independent radio station 'Radio Ruine der Künste Berlin' and worked as a Professor at the Art Academy in Poznan.

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