Sal Randolph

° 1959

Lives in New York (US).

Sal Randolph is an artist who lives in Brooklyn and works between language and action, with a focus on publishing and public space. Her Money Actions have been featured in the 2011 Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the Live Biennial, Open Engagement, Moore Galleries, Wave Pool and in Cabinet Magazine. Other projects have been exhibited or performed at the Asian Arts Theater, BüroFriedrich, Dairy Art Centre, Göttingen Kunstverein, Röda Sten,  Manifesta 4, and the Palais de Tokyo. She has taught as a fellow at Princeton and a visiting artist at Harvard, HEAD Geneva, Institute for Raüm Experimente, Mildred's Lane, RISD, and elsewhere. New language work is in Queen Mob's Teahouse, Pith, Otolith and on Twitter.

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