Sabine Groschup

° 1959

Lives in Vienna (Austria), lives in Berlin (Germany).

Sabine Groschup first studied archaeology, ancient and early history, and architecture, then painting and film animation with Maria Lassnig at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Study with Nam June Paik brought her to the Art Academy of Düsseldorf. Her works on film includes numerous animated films as well as experimental documentaries that have been shown worldwide at festivals, in cinemas and on television.

Her internationally exhibited visual oeuvre is complex, interdisciplinary and involves the most disparate media. It ranges from painting on transparencies, mixed media, film-, video- and sound installations as well as photography to textile objects, embroidered art and textual works with poetry. As an author, she publishes narrative literature (Alicia und die Geister, 2005; Teufels Küche, 2008; Tim und die Blumen, 2009). She is co-editor of the standard work Die Kunst des Einzelbilds. Animation in Österreich – 1832 bis heute (Verlag Filmarchiv Austria, 2010). In 2012 she received the Prize of the City of Innsbruck for her artistic work.

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