René Magritte

1898 - 1967

Born in Lessen (BE), died in Schaarbeek (BE).

René Magritte’s oeuvre is filled with the theme called ‘la condition humaine’. In the thirties he created two paintings with this exact name. On both canvases he depicts a painting within a painting: showing the duality between the painted visual and reality, even though both seem to be depicting the same image. This is Magritte’s answer to the question about the perception of reality: man is self-conscious, and yet he is not a representative of this consciousness. Time and space are depicted by the distance between the visual and reality, but at the same time between the real world and the fictitious one. Prime examples of this are Magritte’s landscapes, which are in fact mirages but the viewer believes and accepts them for reality and is thus a lot further removed from reality than he/she believes.

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