Olga Tobreluts

° 1970

Born in Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad) (RU).

Olga Tobreluts (°1970) is born in Leningrad, where she first studied architecture, later turning her hand to the visual arts: photography, video, sculpture and painting. She was part of the Neo-Academism Movement championed by its creator, Timur Novikov, taking the techniques associated with this movement and combining them with cutting-edge developments in media technology.

Since the nineties Tobreluts has been using the computer as a full-fledged technical medium to create realistic 3D models, which she often integrates in both her paintings and  photographic works. Through her combined use of historical fact and myth, as well as the challenges of contemporary culture, both content-related and thematic, hybrid manipulations manifest that convert the past into an estranging hyper reality.

Tobreluts is considered the pioneer of Russia’s digital art movement.

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