Olga Jitlina

° 1982

Works in Saint Petersburg (RU), lives in Saint Petersburg (RU), born in Saint Petersburg (RU).

Olga Jitlina is an artist engaged with social issues, combining activism and art in a truly personal way. Her main focus of interest is labour migration and gender problematics which she often treats with humour. The multidisciplinary approach she is using to investigate it results in public space interventions, videos, or fictional narratives, like the Utopian News Agency constituted of a series of articles-mystifications that subvert the current order of things in contemporary Russia and propose an alternative vision of cultural politics, education, social environment, and urban planning. Jitlina is a graduate of the University of Jewish Studies in Philology (2005) and the Russian Academy of Art in Theory and History of Art (2007). She has exhibited and given talks in Russia, Germany, Austria, Finland, Poland, Sweden, and other countries.

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