Nikos Alexiou

1960 - 2011

Born in Rethymno, Crete (GR), died in Athens (GR).

Nikos Alexiou

Born in Rethymno, 1960. Moves to Vienna in 1982 to study at the Academy of Arts. Two years later he returns to Greece and enrols at the Athens School of Fine Arts (Kostas Grammatopoulos’ workshop). From the start of his artistic course in the mid -Eighties, he shows an interest in simple, natural materials such as stone, wood, mud etc. and in architectural structures. Subsequently he experiments with natural phenomena and especially with light, its reflections and its iridescence on water and on other surfaces, culminating in the series Prisms. In the series Solar Houses he creates simple architectural constructions from canes. The most characteristic and recognizable aspect of his work is the paper lace motifs and the geometric constructions made of canes in various forms and dimensions, which he often composes into large-scale installations in order to create fluid, poetic worlds. In 1995 he travels to Mount Athos and is influenced by the environment’s spirituality and mysticism. From 2003 he explores themes and motifs from Mount Athos’ Iviron Monastery, which he visits often. The creation of his works is inspired by tradition and the historic past, for which he uses various materials and expressive mediums. He has also been involved in stage design.

His work has been presented in group and solo exhibitions both in Greece and abroad (Outlook, Athens 2003, Breakthrough! Grecia 2004: Perspectives on Contemporary Art, Madrid, 2004, Alexandria Biennale, 2005, Venice Biennale, 2007 et al.). Passed away in Athens, 2011.

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