Michael Druks

° 1940

Born in Jerusalem (), lives in London ().

The Israeli-born British artist Michael Druks enjoyed a brief period of international fame during the late sixties and early seventies as a media activist avant la letter; works from this pivotal period in art were acquired by the Gordon Matta-Clark Foundation towards the end of seventies. “Reordering of Communication: Forgery/Action” from 1973 consists of six photo panels that document Druks’ repeated performative attempts at silencing the ubiquitous talking heads on television; these were the glory years of televised politics. In “Reordering of Communication Action: Making Him Smoke, Making Him Drink” Druks even resorts to the use of both alcohol and nicotine to stem the gushing tide of vacuous political babble – it remains an open, unanswerable question who won, in the end.

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