Lukasz Ronduda

° 1976

Łukasz Ronduda is curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, and the initiator of the project Cinematheque Museum. University lecturer with a PhD conducting lectures and seminars in art history, aesthetics, history and theory of film on Polish and foreign universities, including Princeton University and Columbia University in New York. Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology at the Warsaw School of Social Psychology. Author of the books Subversive Strategies in Media Arts, and The Art of Polish '70s Avant-Garde. Ronduda is also the editor of collective works and author of more than 200 texts on art and film published in academic journals and more popular magazines. He has curated exhibitions like Extremely Rare Events (CSW, Warsaw 2009), Analogue: Polish Video Art From The 70s And 80s (Tate Modern, London, 2006), and 1,2,3 ... Avant-Garde (Tate Modern, London 2008).

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