Kit Poulson

° 1967

Lives in London (United Kingdom).

Kit Poulson studied fine art at Middlesex University 1996-1999. Between 1986-1990 he studied History at Edinburgh University. In 2007 he was the Wheatley Fellow Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. In 2008 he completed a PhD. In 2009 he was an A.I.R Fellow at the University of the Arts, Byam Shaw London.

Recent exhibitions include: Multiverse Expanded- Akershus Kunsthaus (Lillestrom); Norway House for the future - Schwartz Gallery (London), with Alex Baker; Creekside Open - APT Gallery (London); Visionaries - Wallspace (London); John Moores 25 - GSK contemporary; An Investigation into Truths Supernatural - Royal Academy (London), with Alex Baker and David Burrows; Black Square, White Horse - Hartnett Gallery Rochester (USA), with Alex Baker.

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